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FH Ranking back online! Visit ! +++ welcome to Pixel-Fighter Community +++

-=PFC=- ForgottenHope Ranking System
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Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, February 17 @ 09:00:00 MET

Ranking Developement
Visit us @

...übrigends, wenn ihr nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank habt, könnt ihr die Kaffeebecher mit den 35 Waffenklassen v
on in unserem ww2 shop bekommen ! shop ww2

Submarine Class

Knife Class

Tanks Medium Class

Infantry Rifle Class

Sniper Class

Anti Air Stationary Class

Anti Tank Stationary- Class

Artillery Stationary - Class

Remote Kit - Class

Funny Kills - Class

Bomber Planes - Class

Fighter Planes - Class

Tanks - Wheel Class

Transport Planes - Class

Spotter Planes - Class

Ships PT Boat - Class

Ships Battleship - Class

Ships Destroyer - Class

Ships Carrier - Class

Ships Supply - Class

Infantry Anti Tank - Class

Dive Bomber Planes - Class

Fighter Bomber Planes - Class

Tanks Hunter - Class

Artillery Mobile - Class

Anti Air Mobile - Class

Support Vehicle - Class

Amphibian Vehicle - Class

Stationary Machine Gun - Class

Tripod Michine Gun - Class

Motor Bicycles - Class

Infantry Assault - Class

Infantry Heavy Machinegunner - Class

Tanks Light Weight- Class

Tanks Heavy Weight - Class

-=PFC=- ForgottenHope Ranking System | (Gobal FH Ranking | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- ForgottenHope Ranking System
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Posted by Grabbi on Saturday, February 16 @ 20:51:10 MET

The gameserver has logged rounds from 2017-04-16, 12:10:57 to 2019-02-16, 15:15:58
There have been 8136 round(s) with 57759  player(s) logged during this period.
With 1665 of the 57759 logged player(s) beeing unique players (CD-Keys). Resulting in an average of 34,69 rounds per player.

This graph shows a histogram of the number of players online by the time of day.
2206 player(s) online
630 player(s) online
229 player(s) online
99 player(s) online
59 player(s) online
41 player(s) online
14 player(s) online
13 player(s) online
13 player(s) online
28 player(s) online
54 player(s) online
72 player(s) online
89 player(s) online
142 player(s) online
311 player(s) online
722 player(s) online
1317 player(s) online
2575 player(s) online
4836 player(s) online
8154 player(s) online
11257 player(s) online
11268 player(s) online
8481 player(s) online
5149 player(s) online
00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

This graph shows a histogram of the number of rounds played on each map.
The Bocage   668 round(s) played
battle of britain   606 round(s) played
falaise pocket-1944   569 round(s) played
kharkov winter-1941   304 round(s) played
battle of pavlov-1942   277 round(s) played
coral sea   224 round(s) played
rheinuebung-1941   222 round(s) played
alpenfestung-1945   221 round(s) played
pegasus   216 round(s) played
berlin-1945   215 round(s) played
zielona gora-1944   190 round(s) played
stalingrad   178 round(s) played
midway   178 round(s) played
el alamein   139 round(s) played
battle of the bulge   132 round(s) played
ramelle neuville-1944   115 round(s) played
liberation of caen   104 round(s) played
gazala   91 round(s) played
karelia   87 round(s) played
battle of stalingrad   84 round(s) played
arnhem-1944   83 round(s) played
bombing the reich-1943   79 round(s) played
berlin-1945-streets   74 round(s) played
omaha charlie-sector-1944   74 round(s) played
battle of foy   71 round(s) played
sector318-1944   70 round(s) played
prokhorovka-1943   69 round(s) played
iwo jima   69 round(s) played
battle of orel-1943   67 round(s) played
fall weiss-1939   64 round(s) played
market garden   60 round(s) played
adak island   59 round(s) played
Guadal Canal   58 round(s) played
karden chaos   57 round(s) played
battle of makin   54 round(s) played
gold beach-1944   54 round(s) played
meuse river line-1944   54 round(s) played
aberdeen   52 round(s) played
operation nordwind-1944   52 round(s) played
chartres   51 round(s) played
tobruk   46 round(s) played
caen streets-1944   42 round(s) played
Wake Island   40 round(s) played
counterattack-1940   40 round(s) played
rage at carentan-1944   39 round(s) played
invasion of the philippines   37 round(s) played
operation goodwood-1944   35 round(s) played
eagles nest   35 round(s) played
operation cobra   33 round(s) played
the storm   33 round(s) played
saipan   33 round(s) played
sand dunes   32 round(s) played
operation big week-1944   31 round(s) played
cretan village   31 round(s) played
breakthrough-1944   30 round(s) played
seelow-heights-1945   30 round(s) played
apennin   28 round(s) played
crete-1941   28 round(s) played
peleliu-1944   26 round(s) played
reichsbahn   24 round(s) played
tirpitz   24 round(s) played
battle isle-1944   22 round(s) played
iwo jima day1   22 round(s) played
fall gelb-1940   21 round(s) played
the wolves   21 round(s) played
supercharge-1942   21 round(s) played
rheinmetall panzer   20 round(s) played
battle of valirisk-1943   20 round(s) played
westerplatte   20 round(s) played
midway-1942   20 round(s) played
the attack on carentan-1944   20 round(s) played
operation blackknight-1945   20 round(s) played
pointe du hoc   18 round(s) played
kuban   18 round(s) played
szack   18 round(s) played
grodno   17 round(s) played
monte cassino   17 round(s) played
bataan   17 round(s) played
battle of halbe   17 round(s) played
oder river   17 round(s) played
battle in ortona   16 round(s) played
battle of ilza   16 round(s) played
stalingradwinter   16 round(s) played
desert rose-1942   16 round(s) played
the great pursuit   15 round(s) played
battle of el alamein   15 round(s) played
frozen forest   15 round(s) played
eastern blitz-1939   15 round(s) played
todtenbruch-1944   14 round(s) played
battle of montecassino   14 round(s) played
kasserine pass-1943   14 round(s) played
nuenen   14 round(s) played
a day of zitadelle   14 round(s) played
wintergewitter   13 round(s) played
brecourtmanor   13 round(s) played
operation luttich   13 round(s) played
pegasus d day   13 round(s) played
stalingrad factory   13 round(s) played
sicily   13 round(s) played
arctic convoy-1942   12 round(s) played
warsaw   12 round(s) played
omaha beach-1944   12 round(s) played
operation jupiter   12 round(s) played
kursk   12 round(s) played
operation bagration-1944   12 round(s) played
soletschnogorsk-1941   12 round(s) played
somewhere in italy   11 round(s) played
saipan-1944   11 round(s) played
solomons air battle-1943   11 round(s) played
raseiniai   11 round(s) played
kharkov outskirts-1943   11 round(s) played
wacht am rhein-1944   11 round(s) played
battleaxe   10 round(s) played
somewhere in stalingrad   10 round(s) played
metro   10 round(s) played
berlin flakturm   10 round(s) played
road to ramelle   10 round(s) played
tarawa-1943   10 round(s) played
arnhem day1   9 round(s) played
st mere eglise-2   9 round(s) played
villers bocage outskirts-1944   9 round(s) played
bastogne   9 round(s) played
road to russia   9 round(s) played
telemark   9 round(s) played
pitomnik   9 round(s) played
the sixth army   9 round(s) played
reich   9 round(s) played
sollum   8 round(s) played
sidi rezegh-1941   8 round(s) played
uranus   8 round(s) played
hell of bocage-1944   8 round(s) played
battle of java   8 round(s) played
battle of foy classic   8 round(s) played
berlin-1945-outskirts   8 round(s) played
mechili-1942   8 round(s) played
somewhere in germany   8 round(s) played
operation paradise   8 round(s) played
kiev-1941   7 round(s) played
russian country   7 round(s) played
kiew day1   7 round(s) played
somewhere in the pacific   7 round(s) played
rivercrossing   7 round(s) played
way to foy   7 round(s) played
somewhere in africa   7 round(s) played
essen   7 round(s) played
kwai river   7 round(s) played
somewhere in the mud   7 round(s) played
mont st michel   7 round(s) played
riverassault   7 round(s) played
spurning fate-1945   7 round(s) played
the fall of tobruk   7 round(s) played
normandy farm   7 round(s) played
kakazu ridge-1945   6 round(s) played
france-1940   6 round(s) played
poland   6 round(s) played
sainte mere l eglise   6 round(s) played
holland   6 round(s) played
operation barbarossa   6 round(s) played
at villers-bocage   6 round(s) played
the gate   6 round(s) played
stalingrad outskirts   6 round(s) played
oahu   6 round(s) played
raid on midway   5 round(s) played
stalin line-1941   5 round(s) played
north sea docks   5 round(s) played
battle at son-1944   5 round(s) played
olonets karelia   5 round(s) played
white beach   5 round(s) played
kiew   5 round(s) played
the desert   5 round(s) played
wesel   5 round(s) played
thealps   5 round(s) played
trois ponts   5 round(s) played
berlin last day   5 round(s) played
tulagi island   5 round(s) played
st lo-1944   5 round(s) played
bayeux-1944   5 round(s) played
dunkerque   5 round(s) played
battle in eilendorf   5 round(s) played
xmas pegasus   5 round(s) played
erzgebirge   4 round(s) played
somewhere in europe   4 round(s) played
xmas pavlov-1942   4 round(s) played
kiev-1943   4 round(s) played
operation lilliput   4 round(s) played
fall rot-1940   4 round(s) played
battle of kanev   4 round(s) played
wismut   4 round(s) played
normandy drop-glider   4 round(s) played
somewhere in russia   3 round(s) played
rambo rondell   3 round(s) played
ulithi atoll   3 round(s) played
the bridge on the river kwai   3 round(s) played
normandie-1944   3 round(s) played
attack on pointe du hoc   3 round(s) played
wolga   3 round(s) played
xmas foy   3 round(s) played
juno-beach-1944   3 round(s) played
tare green   2 round(s) played
dinant-1940   2 round(s) played
long way to rom   2 round(s) played
long island x mas   2 round(s) played
breaktrough at sedan   2 round(s) played
mont   2 round(s) played
operation torch   2 round(s) played
raid on helgoland pfc   1 round(s) played
neckar stellung   1 round(s) played
pfc-funmap   1 round(s) played
brecourt manor   1 round(s) played
bacardi island   1 round(s) played
frozen hope   1 round(s) played
snowland   1 round(s) played

-=PFC=- ForgottenHope Ranking System | (Gobal FH Ranking | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
Reads: 0
Posted by Grabbi on Saturday, February 16 @ 20:36:26 MET

  FH-1 Toolbox
with Origin & Replacement MasterServer support
FH-1 Toolbox v1.2.18.89
codename#Enigma !

-= DOWNLOAD HERE for Win 7 & 8 & 10 =-

-= Download here for Windows XP = -

What is this Toolbox, and what can I do with it?
This is the most popular question we face since release of this beauty and
Klinkmore than 100k downloads show us, that it was the right decision programming it for you !

What is the Toolbox?
It´s a software program, sized approx. 25MB. Once downloaded you start the
Toolbox_setup.exe (Win7 as admin)!

What can I do with this FH-1 Toolbox?

BF1942 players can directly
connect to our servers by FTP & HTTP and download ALL necessary files in order to play Forgottenhope Mod and future Forgottenhope Community Mod by mouse click!

Detailed explained that means you can:

- Download all necessary EA-Pactches for BF1942 (1.6,1.61b etc)
- Download Forgottenhope Mod 0.7 (2.1GB) + Origin Version !
- Download Forgottenhope Mappacks from -=PFC=- and Filefront mappers
- Download Sound & Texture Packs

- Widescreen Fixes and Replacement MasterServer Fix and Windows 7 & 8 & 10 Fix

FH-Players have following Toolbox functions:

- Download packed single maps with AUTOEXTRACT function into their Mod/Levelfolder!

- Download Mappacks with autoextract function into predefined decompress folder (see option menu)

- Download sound&texture packs, as well as custom themes, which gives you a new style for FH with different background video, intro trailer, loading and win/loss music
(example: FHC Interface)
-Download client patches and fixes for FH 0.7

Upgrade Punkbuster by mouse click full automatically, once you have been disconnected from server by pb!

Live stats viewer & auto server joiner:

The Toobox has an embedded live stat viewer where you can see who is playing on your favourite server, and which score he reached during the map as well as k/d ratio !
At the moment we have our servers in list where you also can enjoy the Pixel-Fighter Mappacks with an excellent ping as U.S. FH-gamer !

Direct join function:

With the direct join function "Play Battlefield1942", you can directly join the -=PFC=- Server! So server ingame list or other applications are not necessary anymore! Just CLICK and PLAY!
We created the bf1942 (Pixel-Fighter ToolBox) protocoll so you easily can join EACH BF1942+Mods sever by typing bf1942://ip:gameport in cmd window or search box or simply click on a website link!
Example: bf1942://

Join -=PFC=- over FH-1 Toolbox:
Join -=PFC=- Server over FH-1 Toolbox

Embedded bowser & autoupdate function:

The FH-1 Toolbox #enigma has an embedded bowser linking you to the major FH-websites, where you are
more than welcome to join the Forgottenhope community!

...and the best thing:

when ever the is an Toolbox update on air, your ToolBox kindly asks you to upgrade!

Until now we support 10 languages!

Gamelog + rejoin function:

The Toolbox loggs all your server joins and U can rejoin your favourite server simply by clicking upon the Game Server Log entry!

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (-=PFC=- Crew | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 3
Posted by Kampfsau on Saturday, December 22 @ 16:00:03 MET

We will be playing this mod for a while on the server over Christmas....
Download ==> Download

Please unpack the "RAR" file into the Battlefield 1942 Mod folder
for example:

C:Program Files (x86)EA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsxmas2018

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 7
Posted by Kampfsau on Sunday, June 03 @ 07:24:10 MEST

Syr for the long wait for the next event
but also with us everything is not always as it should be ....
We want to start on the 6th of June
with the focus on D-Day and close on the 10th of June
with the final fight in Berlin.
Download links of the new maps:

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Next Map

NEXT map on FH/RANKED is set to:

Reboot time:
EST (-6hrs)
PST (-9hrs)

Today is: MAPPACK-DAY !

Today is: Saturday

Mapcycle loaded: Saturday   05:45   GMT+1
Get all the maps here:


Latest Story of Today

There isn't a Biggest Story for Today, yet.

Hacker Beware

You have been warned!
We have caught 1359 shameful hackers.

NukeSentinel(tm) 2.6.01

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NEXT map is set to:


Reboot time:
EST (-6hrs)
PST (-9hrs)

Today is: Saturday

B-Day-2019   05:45   GMT+1
D-Day-2019   05:45   GMT+1
Friday   05:45   GMT+1
Monday   05:45   GMT+1
Pearl-Harbor   19:41   GMT+1
Saturday   05:45   GMT+1
Sunday   05:45   GMT+1
Thursday   05:45   GMT+1
Tuesday   05:45   GMT+1
V-Day_NL   05:45   GMT+1
Wednesday   05:45   GMT+1


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Map downloads of the day

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 404

Hits: 144

Hits: 205

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 614

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 212

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 214

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 452

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 2
Hits: 317
ALL 9 Maps as Installer

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 1117
ALL 19 Maps as Installer

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 2
Hits: 2915
Fanmappack 6

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 437
Fanmappack 7

Rating: 4/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 606
Fanmappack 7
Operation Drumbeat-1942

Rating: 2/5
Total Votes: 2
Hits: 604
Fanmappack 6 inofficial

Hits: 87

Hits: 371
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-=PFC=- Software
FH 1 Software made for YOU!

Click below for EXE file

Click below for RAR compressed file

Click below for XP files


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-=PFC=- Partners

Forgotten Hope 1 RANKING
The ultimate Mapper Recources
PDHSoft - Patrick Daniel Hermann Software Entwicklung
Netorn Team



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