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-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
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Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, May 29 @ 21:11:34 MEST


72th anniversary of the beginning of the end of WWII

Pixel-fighter gives YOU a 7 days D Day event !

YOU!...make the difference !


We start on Saturday 4th of June


Part 1 Saturday 4th of June

19.00 gmt+1



Part 2 Sunday 5th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 3 Monday 6th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 4 Tuesday 7th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 5 Wednessday 8th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 6 Thurday 9th of June

19.00 gmt+1

Your PFC-Crew

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-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
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Posted by Grabbi on Wednesday, May 11 @ 22:51:20 MEST

„Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the spirit of the community lasts for a thousand years, men will still say: ‘This was their finest hour.’“

Hi everyone,

having lots of fun some knuckelhead joins out FH server executing crash commands on high amount of player on our beloved FH server.

Since this continues we setup a Password to join server, and we have to unlock our fellow FH gamer we know well for playing now.

This password will prevent the hacker from joining and crashing server by executing the crash command over console function ingame.


Getting access to the password you can signup here:

Access Password Area 

We will check your account + Ranking Profile and unlock you for -=PFC=- ForgottenHope/RANKED server.

For those having already access you will find the password here:

We are SORRY that we have to setup a password now, since we love to play public since 2007 !

We also hope to catch this guy soon, in order to return to a normal state of server operation !

Best regards

Your -=PFC=- Crew

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (Daily News | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 7
Posted by Grabbi on Friday, May 06 @ 00:05:00 MEST

Dear FH Fan

In our event series we celebrate the liberation of Europe in two parts.

Part one is on,

Saturday 7th of May

19:00 gmt+1 (19:00 Central Europe Time)

Part two is on,

Sunday 8th of May

19:00 gmt+1 (19:00 Central Europe Time)




-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 8
Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, May 01 @ 14:30:01 MEST


Dear fellow FH Fan!

On 5th of May 2016

We celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands

19.00 gmt+1



-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 9
Posted by Grabbi on Saturday, April 30 @ 12:36:02 MEST

Dear fellow FH gamer,

today 30.04.2016 we are running the

-=PFC=- B-Day Event
B-Day Event 30.04.2016

We will reboot server @ 17:45 gmt+1 and run all Berlin maps at 19 mgt+1 (Event Start)

 Battle of Halbe (-=PFC=- map)
 Berlin Flakturm (-=PFC=- map)
 Berlin last day  (-=PFC=- map)
 Eagles Nest (-=PFC=- map)

B-Day Event 30.04.2016

You need to download our -=PFC=- Maps to join the show !

Find the maps here!

B-Day Event 30.04.2016

Best regards

YOUR -=PFC=- Crew


-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

Hacker Beware

You have been warned!
We have caught 10 shameful hackers.

NukeSentinel(tm) 2.6.01

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Map downloads of the day
Standard FH 0.7

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 145
Fanmappack 7

Rating: 3.33/5
Total Votes: 3
Hits: 365
Standard FH 0.7

Rating: 3/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 183

Hits: 118
Standard FH 0.7

Hits: 129

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 2
Hits: 388

Hits: 202

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 213
Standard FH 0.7

Hits: 124

Hits: 251

Hits: 117
Fanmappack 6 inofficial

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 107

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 170
Operation Luttich

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 1
Hits: 497
Fanmappack 7

Rating: 5/5
Total Votes: 2
Hits: 474
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Today is: Monday

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Monday   08:00   GMT+1
Tuesday   08:00   GMT+1
Wednesday   08:00   GMT+1
Thursday   08:00   GMT+1
Friday   08:00   GMT+1
Saturday   08:00   GMT+1
Sunday   08:00   GMT+1


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-=PFC=- Software
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