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Posted by Catch-Me-If-You-Can on Sunday, January 19 @ 10:46:28 MET

-=PFC=- welcomes you to the winter event:

---Stalingrad Trap---

taking place on Saturday 25.01.2020

6 pm (18:00) GMT+1 (Berlin time)

We go back to the year 1943. On January 25, exactly 77 years ago, the Russian army was in its last operation (Kolzo)

against Field Marshal Paul 6th Army. The forces of the Wehrmacht, already surrounded, were split into a north and a south pocket on this day,

thereby nullifying any hope of rescue. The Stalingrad trap had snapped shut! 

Experience history with PFC and fight in the historical 
first and last combats around and in Stalingrad

Battle of Pavlov

Battle of Stalingrad


Somewhere in Stalingrad




River Assault

Stalingrad Winter

Operation Kolzo

Custom maps are linked for download. You can use also our

Toolbox (click)

your -=PFC=- crew

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-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
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Posted by Grabbi on Friday, January 10 @ 19:53:17 MET

  FH-1 Toolbox
with Origin & Replacement MasterServer support
FH-1 Toolbox v1.2.18.89
codename#Enigma !

-= DOWNLOAD HERE for Win 7 & 8 & 10 =-

-= Download here for Windows XP = -

What is this Toolbox, and what can I do with it?
This is the most popular question we face since release of this beauty and
Klinkmore than 100k downloads show us, that it was the right decision programming it for you !

What is the Toolbox?
It´s a software program, sized approx. 25MB. Once downloaded you start the
Toolbox_setup.exe (Win7 as admin)!

What can I do with this FH-1 Toolbox?

BF1942 players can directly
connect to our servers by FTP & HTTP and download ALL necessary files in order to play Forgottenhope Mod and future Forgottenhope Community Mod by mouse click!

Detailed explained that means you can:

- Download all necessary EA-Pactches for BF1942 (1.6,1.61b etc)
- Download Forgottenhope Mod 0.7 (2.1GB) + Origin Version !
- Download Forgottenhope Mappacks from -=PFC=- and Filefront mappers
- Download Sound & Texture Packs

- Widescreen Fixes and Replacement MasterServer Fix and Windows 7 & 8 & 10 Fix

FH-Players have following Toolbox functions:

- Download packed single maps with AUTOEXTRACT function into their Mod/Levelfolder!

- Download Mappacks with autoextract function into predefined decompress folder (see option menu)

- Download sound&texture packs, as well as custom themes, which gives you a new style for FH with different background video, intro trailer, loading and win/loss music
(example: FHC Interface)
-Download client patches and fixes for FH 0.7

Upgrade Punkbuster by mouse click full automatically, once you have been disconnected from server by pb!

Live stats viewer & auto server joiner:

The Toobox has an embedded live stat viewer where you can see who is playing on your favourite server, and which score he reached during the map as well as k/d ratio !
At the moment we have our servers in list where you also can enjoy the Pixel-Fighter Mappacks with an excellent ping as U.S. FH-gamer !

Direct join function:

With the direct join function "Play Battlefield1942", you can directly join the -=PFC=- Server! So server ingame list or other applications are not necessary anymore! Just CLICK and PLAY!
We created the bf1942 (Pixel-Fighter ToolBox) protocoll so you easily can join EACH BF1942+Mods sever by typing bf1942://ip:gameport in cmd window or search box or simply click on a website link!
Example: bf1942://

Join -=PFC=- over FH-1 Toolbox:
Join -=PFC=- Server over FH-1 Toolbox

Embedded bowser & autoupdate function:

The FH-1 Toolbox #enigma has an embedded bowser linking you to the major FH-websites, where you are
more than welcome to join the Forgottenhope community!

...and the best thing:

when ever the is an Toolbox update on air, your ToolBox kindly asks you to upgrade!

Until now we support 10 languages!

Gamelog + rejoin function:

The Toolbox loggs all your server joins and U can rejoin your favourite server simply by clicking upon the Game Server Log entry!

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (Daily News | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
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Posted by Grabbi on Saturday, December 14 @ 11:30:46 MET


The end of the Year is coming and now the front experiences the special feeling of Christmas.

People shoot each other with the heart warming and gentle pulling of their triggers, blow other players away with nice and happy dropping of their bombs and of course, devotinally scramble each other to pieces with with their tanks.

Everyone on the server knows that Christmas and new years Eve is just about to happen, and the

PFC Admins wish you all a happy Christmas and also a happy New Year!

Enjoy your holidays and always remember, even in the hell of the trenches and fields, everyone can have this little extra feeling of peace and felicity on our server =)
Therefore we offer you the FH-XMAS mod for download and welcome you to play with us the X-Mas FH mod on our server

Das Jahresende kommt mit großen Schritten näher und die Front erlebt das einzigartige Weihnachtsgefühl!

Spieler erschießen sich mit dem herzerwärmenden und sanft gedrückten Abzügen, blasen sich nett und glücklich mit Bomben in die Luft, und zereiben andächtig ihre Gegner mit Panzern zu Brei.

Jetzt weiß jeder auf dem Server: Weihnachten und Neujahr ist nur noch eine MG42 Garbe entfernt und

Die PFC Admins wünschen euch allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches neues Jahr !

Genießt die Feiertage und denkt immer daran, auch in der Hölle der Schützengräben und auf den Schlachtfeldern, kann jeder auf unseren Servern diese kleine aber feine Gefühl von Frieden und Glückseligkeit spüren =)

Deswegen bieten wir Euch auch in diesem Jahr den FH-XMAS Mod bei uns zum Download und laden Euch ein den X-mas FH mod auf unserem Server zu spielen.

xmas mod

Download link:

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
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Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, December 01 @ 00:00:00 MET

Hi, fellow FH-player!
December 7th 1941 !
A day which will live in infarmy !

Welcome to -=PFC=- Pearl Harbor Event !

On Saturday 7th december 2019 19:41gmt+1!

You need to download our CUSTOM Map 


...over the PFC Toolbox

or  Forum !





-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
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Posted by Kampfsau on Sunday, November 24 @ 14:50:33 MET

MP6 ready for download:

of course the best way to get the D-Day Mappack is using the FH 1 Toolbox which U can download here:

The server will be administrated by our crew to give you assistance if necessary!

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

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