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-=PFC=-Live Viewer
Video Preview:


Server Name: 2nd 128slots

Round time left:
33 min:59 sec

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Live viewer: 2nd 128slots

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Map: bocage
Players 0 of 128

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Breaking News

Mainserver under maintenance! FH 1 switch to -=PFC=- 2nd Server!

-=PFC=- Next Map

He´s dead Jim!
Gameserver OFFLINE

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
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Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, October 19 @ 17:30:40 MEST

Due work on our mainserver we switch to our 2nd Server till mainserver is back online again.

Click to view this image at its original size
Click on the image to view it at its original size

HERE you will find us:

FH1 Gameserver : please connect to -=PFC=- 2nd server !


Teamspeak 2

TS 2:

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (-=PFC=- Crew | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
Reads: 149
Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, September 07 @ 15:32:16 MEST

Pimp up your ForgottenHope 1 with the amazing sound & texture pack and the FHC interface !

Sound&Texture Pack

Bratwurst's Soundpack 1.41 patch

(including the fix of P-38 sound bug)

mirror 1
mirror 2;5188290;;/fileinfo.html

Historical_Texture_Pack_for_FH es_pack_for_0.7_by_mr_cheese_v2.rar

Historical_Texture_Pack_fo r_Fanmappack 6 _for_FH_Fan_Mappack_6_v._1.1.rar

All available over FH 1 Toolbox !


Click on the image to view it at its original size



Click to view this image at its original size
Click on the image to view it at its original size

Click to view this image at its original size
Click on the image to view it at its original size

Disclaimer: This texture pack was not made to promote any actions or beliefs
of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. It's only purpose is to put historically
accurate textures into the Forgotten Hope mod for the sake of hisotrical
If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or
distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery, then you as the user, assume full
responsibility, risk and liability, legal or otherwise, associated with the
use of these files.

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (Read More... | 28039 bytes more | -=PFC=- Crew | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- MappingTeam Mappack Release
Reads: 42
Posted by Grabbi on Sunday, September 07 @ 12:56:29 MEST

FH-1 Toolbox codename#Enigma F.A.Q.!


What is this Toolbox, and what can I do with it?
This is the most popular question we face since release of this beauty and
Klinkmore than 75000 downloads show us, that it was the right descision programming it for you !

What is the Toolbox?
It´s a software program, sized approx. 35MB. Once downloaded you start the
Toolbox_setup.exe (Win7 as admin)!

What can I do with this FH-1 Toolbox?

BF1942 players can directly
connect to our servers by FTP & HTTP and download ALL necessary files in order to play Forgottenhope Mod and future Forgottenhope Community Mod by mouse click!

Detailed explained that means you can:

- Download all necessary EA-Pactches for BF1942
- Download Forgottenhope Mod 0.7 (2.1GB) + Origin Version !
- Download Forgottenhope Mappacks from -=PFC=- and Filefront mappers
- Download Sound & Texture Packs

FH-Players have following Toolbox functions:

- Download packed single maps with AUTOEXTRACT function into their Mod/Levelfolder!

- Download Mappacks with autoextract function into predefined decompress folder (see option menu)

- Download sound&texture packs, as well as custom themes, which gives you a new style for FH with different background video, intro trailer, loading and win/loss music

-Download client patches and fixes for FH 0.7 (example: different sounds for Ramelle Neuville-1944 & Berlin-Streets-1945)

Upgrade Punkbuster by mouse click full automatically, once you have been disconnected from server by pb!

Live stats viever & auto server joiner:

The Toobox has an embedded live stat viewer where you can see who is playing on your favourite server, and which score he reached during the map as well as k/d ratio !
At the moment we have our servers in list where you also can enjoy the Pixel-Fighter Mappacks with an excellent ping as U.S. FH-gamer !

Direct join function:

With the direct join function "Play Battlefield1942", you can directly join the -=PFC=- Server! So server ingame list or other applications are not necessary anymore! Just CLICK and PLAY!
We created the PFCTB (Pixel-Fighter ToolBox) protocoll so you easily can join EACH BF1942+Mods sever by typing pfctb://ip:gameport
Example: pfctb://

Embedded bowser & autoupdate function:

The FH-1 Toolbox #enigma has an embedded bowser linking you to the major FH-websites, where you are
more than welcome to join the Forgottenhope community!

...and the best thing:

when ever the is an Toolbox update on air, your ToolBox kindly asks you to upgrade!

Until now we support 9 languages!

Gamelog + rejoin function:

The Toolbox loggs all your server joins and U can rejoin your favourite server simply by
 clicking upon the Game Server Log entry!

-=PFC=- MappingTeam Mappack Release | (MappingTeam | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Events & Tournament
Reads: 24
Posted by vincent on Thursday, August 28 @ 23:05:40 MEST

Hi, All Fellow Soldiers of
FH !

YOU Really Make The Difference!

On Our American Admins initiativ We give YOU a two day event.

For Our European players we give you a starttime:

22.00 gmt+1

For other timezones Please Read the posters!


Friday 5th of September

We play Part 1

Welcome to Join!


Saturday 6th of September

We play Part 2

Welcome to Join!


-=PFC=- Events & Tournament | (Events on -=PFC=- | Score: 0)

-=PFC=- Crew Daily News
Reads: 38
Posted by vincent on Wednesday, August 27 @ 11:19:44 MEST



Hello FH gamers !

We like to thank our Gameservers Admin Crew
for doing a great job!!

They may be hard but they are fair!




Sgt Hartman

cya on the battlefield


-=PFC=- Crew Daily News | (Daily News | Score: 0)

Hacker Beware

You have been warned!
We have caught 34 shameful hackers.

NukeSentinel(tm) 2.6.01

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-=PFC=- Software
FH 1 Software made for YOU!

Click below for EXE file

Click below for RAR compressed file

Click below for MSI Installer file

-=PFC=- Toolbar for Firefox 2.0.20


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-=PFC=- Teamspeak 2 munity TS-2
-=PFC=-Spawn Point (RD)
-----------PUBLIC------------ (RP)
---Le-Cafe-International----- (RP)
Forgotten Hope 1 (RS)
Swedish Channel
Dutch Channel
Jezyk Polski
Deutscher FH Channel Allied 1
Serbia Channel
Deutscher FH Channel Axis 1
English Channel
Francais Channel
Espanol Channel
---------MAPPINGTEAM--------- (RP)
-=PFC=-MappingTeam (RPS)
Mapping&Coding - Developement
International Betatesting
MappingTeam Betatesting
Le Cafe International (RS)
Cafe Amsterdam & Den Helder
Cafe Las Vegas & Harrisburg
------------CLANS------------ (RP)
[DPB] Hauptquatier (RS)
DPB - Admin Inn
Bayern INN
Brokenhomeparty @ PFC^^
------------CLANS ----------- (RP)
Banane's Obstkorb
Mad Wourst's Hackfleischzelle
The Jiggly Room
----------PARTNERS--------- (RP)
-TDP- Community (RPS)
=== Battlefield 1942 ===
Forgotten Hope 1
Volksmusik Channel
----------PARTNERS----------- (RP)
------------=PFC=------------ (RP)
-=PFC=- Lounge (RMS)
Coffee drinking and Smoking
Server admins on duty
-----------PRIVATE----------- (RP)
-=PFC´s=- @ home (RPS)
Bluemax's Pittsburgh Steelers
Brava's garage
Flatty´s Grill
Godsgift´s Base
Grabbi´s Vineyard
Heckler´s Hütte
Heidi´s Alm
Jagdtiger`s Schießstand
Le Chicken/Lord P/Barf Wader
Mossi´s Flighthangar
Nashörnchen´s Bierzelt
s.Pz501 Wittmann
Vincent's corner
Zur Kampfsau
--------- END of LIST----- (R)
away (R)

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-=PFC=- Radio 40´s
Selected station:
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<a href=''>Play No choice made yet</a>

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-=PFC=- Partners

Forgotten Hope 1 RANKING
The ultimate Mapper Recources
PDHSoft - Patrick Daniel Hermann Software Entwicklung
Netorn Team



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-=PFC=- Donations
YOU!...can help to keep the servers running!

Make a PFC donation with PayPal!
YOU!...make the difference!

November´s Goal: $230.00
Due Date: Nov 30
Amount in: $0.00
Balance: $0.00
Left to go: $230.00

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