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Fanmappack 7

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Hell of the Philippines

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Mt.St. Michele

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Fanmappack 7 for FH 0.7  Popular  Recommend  


-Vehicle names in ALL CAPS are CUSTOM MADE for the map.
-Most of these new vehicles are modified FH or Bf1942 models. The only models and skins that I can take full credit for are the Cape Hatteras lighthouse,
icebergs, PBY Catalina, Ki-45 Toryu and Ko-Hyoteki Type A midget submarine.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: Britain vs. Germany
Theater: Arctic
Location: Off the north coast of Norway.
Date: Late 1942
Theme: Sea/Air
Gameplay: Conquest Head-on
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Night
Terrain: Ocean
Britain: 2 Fletcher class destroyers, 2 escort carriers, 6 Liberty Ships, 3 Fairey Swordfish armed with depth charges, 3 Grumman Martlet Mk.1 fighters.
Germany: 3 Type VIIC U-boats, 1 TYPE IXB FLEET U-BOAT, 1 TYPE XIV "MILCHKUH" SUPPLY U-BOAT, 2 Torpedoschnellboot, 2 Ju88 bombers, 2 Bf109 fighters.

Background: The United States began supplying lend-lease material to the United Kingdom and the USSR in 1941. Beacause of the Axis presence controlling
access to the Baltic and Black Seas, there were only 3 ways to get war material to the USSR - by land through Iran, by sea to Vladivostok and then over
4,000 miles of rail through Siberia, or by convoy through the Arctic Ocean around Norway to the northern ports of Archangelesk and Murmansk. The northern
route was fraught with danger from the rough seas and icebergs, not to mention German surface raiders, U-boats and land based bombers. The most infamous
Arctic convoy was PQ-17, which scattered due to a false report that the German battleship Tirpitz was headed towards the convoy. German U-boats and aircraft
then picked off the transports one by one, sinking 24 out of 35 ships. These losses, coupled with losses on other convoys forced the Allies to wait until
the arrival of winter to send out more convoys.

This map takes place during "Polar Night", the time of year in the Arctic during which there is 24-hour darkness. The Northern Lights are in the sky, and
uncharted icebergs dot the ocean. The Allied convoy is protected by 2 destroyers and 2 escort carriers. The Germans have a force of submarines and torpedo
boats, as well as land based aircraft. The map is a conquest map with 3 control points in the ocean. The Allied Liberty Ships do not respawn when sunk. If
you end up sunk, lifeboats are available. You'll need them - the water kills in minutes.

SPECIAL NOTE: Changes to Submarines:
-Can no longer view Arty cameras with deck gun.
-Submarines have 3 weapons slots: 1=Captain, pilots sub and fires torpedoes, 2=Deck gunner, 3=AA gunner.
-Deck gunners and AA gunners will drown when the submarine dives. To avoid drowning, climb inside the submarine by pressing the "4" or "5" keys. (Special
thanks to Captain_Henry at the FH forums for suggesting this).
-Submarines have 2 MG34 machine guns mounted on the conning tower. You can't switch to these guns using number keys. Use these by going up to the gun and
pressing "E."
-Type VIIC submarine has 1x88mm deck gun and 1x20mm AA gun.
-Type VIIC submarine has 14 torpedoes, 4 bow tubes with 2 reloads (12 total) and 1 stern tube with 1 reload (2 total).
-Type IXB submarine is larger and faster than Type VIIC, has greater torpedo capacity (22), more AA (2x20mm), has heavier deck gun (105mm), more HP's.
-Type IXB submarine has 22 torpedoes, 4 bow tubes with 3 reloads (16 total) and 2 stern tubes with 2 reloads (6 total).
-Type XIV submarine has no torpedoes, extra AAA (3x20mm), can resupply and repair submarines and torpedo boats.

By: Real-BadSeed
Teams: USA vs. Japan
Theater: Philippines
Location: Bataan Peninsula, Philippines
Date: May 1942
Theme: Infantry
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Hazy
Terrain: Jungle Swamp

Background: After capturing most of the Philippines, the remaining American and Filipino troops retreated to the Bataan Peninsula. There they prepared to
make a last stand against the Japanese advance. This map takes place in a jungle swamp, with a river running down the middle.

By: Lili Marlene
Teams: Canada vs. Germany
Theater: Italy
Location: Ortona, Italy
Date: December 20-28, 1943
Theme: Mixed Arms
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Mountainous

Background: During the battles along the German Winter Line, the German-held town of Ortona straddled an important coastal road. Canadian soldiers were
tasked with capturing the town, which they did after 8 days of bitter street fighting while suffering heavy casualties. This map takes place in mountainous
coastal terrain.

-88 TK bug fixed by replacing it with a Pak gun.
-Soldier spawn fixed, was spawning in barbed wire.
-Mortar kits added for each team.
-Ladder in tower fixed.

By: Real-BadSeed
Teams: USA vs. Japan
Theater: Pacific
Location: Leyte Gulf, Philippines
Date: October 23-26, 1944
Theme: Sea
Gameplay: Conquest-Assault
Modes: Conquest
Visibility: Night
Terrain: Ocean

Background: The Battle of Leyte Gulf was the Imperial Japanese Navy's last great attempt to challenge the American fleet. This map recreates a nighttime
attack by a Japanese battleship and destroyers against the US fleet.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: USA vs. Germany
Theater: Western Europe
Location: near Utah Beach, Normandy, France
Date: June 6, 1944
Theme: Infantry
Gameplay: Conquest-Objective (Americans attack) (Conquest-Assault in Co-op/SP mode)
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Overcast
Terrain: Bocage/trenches
USA: None
Germany: LEFH18 105MM HOWITZER
Objectives: Destroy all 4 German 105mm howitzers

Background: In the morning of June 6, 1944, after the nighttime parachute drop into Normandy, Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st
Airborne Division was tasked with silencing a German artillery battery of 4 105mm guns situated at Brecourt Manor, which were firing on Allied troops
landing at Utah Beach. 17 men from Easy Company assaulted the trenches around the German guns, which were defended by around 60 German soldiers. The men
were able to use the trenches as cover to spike the guns and withdraw under fire, returning later with reinforcements to mop up the remaining German

This map is an objective based map. In multiplayer, the goal is for the Americans to attack the German trenches and destroy the guns with satchel charges.
If the Americans do this before their tickets run out, they will win. If the Germans can hold them off until their tickets run out, the Germans will win.
In singleplayer and co-op mode, the map is a Conquest-Assault map due to AI limitations.

-101st Airborne skins are by Hanley and from the map The Attack on Carentan-1944 by Pvt. Allen. Used with permission.

By: RussianComrade & Toucinator
Teams: USA vs. Germany
Theater: Western Europe
Location: Western Germany/Low Countries
Date: Winter 1944
Theme: Infantry
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Foggy
Terrain: Forest

Background: This is a fictional map taking place in the forests of western Europe during the winter of 1944. This map takes place in densely forested
terrain with snow on the ground.

-Neither team has a permanent base on this map.

By: Bonta Kun
Teams: Britain vs. Italy
Theater: North Africa
Location: North Africa
Date: January 24, 1941
Theme: Tanks/Infantry
Gameplay: Conquest-Assault
Modes: Conquest
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Desert

Background: After the Italian invasion of Egypt, British forces launched a counterattack in December 1940 which decisively defeated the Italian forces, drove
them out of Egypt and captured much of Libya. On January 24th, British and Australian troops fell upon retreating Italian forces near Mechili, knocking out
9 Italian tanks for the loss of 1 cruiser tank and 6 light tanks.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: USA vs. Germany
Theater: Atlantic
Location: Off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Date: Spring 1942
Theme: Sea
Gameplay: Conquest-Objective (Germans attack)
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Ocean with barrier islands
USA: 2 Fletcher class destroyers, 6 Liberty ships, 2 CIVIL AIR PATROL PIPER CUBS, 1 CONSOLIDATED PBY-5A CATALINA, Willys, 5 inch shore guns, PT BOAT ARMED
Objectives: Allied Liberty Ships and destroyers.

Background: With the entry of United States into the war against Germany, German Admiral Karl Doenitz saw a chance to strike a strong blow against the
unprotected American coasts. His plan, codenamed Operation Drumbeat, called for German submarines to hit unprotected shipping all along the US eastern coast.
For the first six months of 1942, the Kriegsmarine ran amok along the US eastern seaboard and in the Carribean, sinking hundreds of ships for the loss of
only a handful of U-boats. German submariners called the period "The great Atlantic turkey shoot" and "the second Happy Time." In response, the US
government stationed coastal artillery troops along the eastern coast in Civil War era forts, flew anti-submarine patrols and armed aircraft of the Civil
Air Patrol to attack any submarines they came accross. However, only the introduction of a convoy system along the US east coast in April of 1942 seriously
cut down on the number of ships sunk.

On this map, the goal for the Axis is to sink all 6 Liberty ships plus the 2 US destroyers. If these ships are sunk before the Axis team's tickets run out,
the Axis will win. If they are not sunk, the Allies will win. Neither the Liberty ships nor the destroyers will re-spawn once sunk. The Allies' best assets
are their aircraft, which are all armed with depth charges. Proper use of the Milkcow suply submarine will give the Axis a huge advantage by cutting down on
the distance required to travel to re-arm the submarines.

SPECIAL NOTES: Changes to Submarines:
-Can no longer view Arty cameras with deck gun.
-Submarines have 3 weapons slots: 1=Captain, pilots sub and fires torpedoes, 2=Deck gunner, 3=AA gunner.
-Deck gunners and AA gunners will drown when the submarine dives. To avoid drowning, climb inside the submarine by pressing the "4" or "5" keys. (Special
thanks to Captain_Henry at the FH forums for suggesting this).
-Submarines have 2 MG34 machine guns mounted on the conning tower. You can't switch to these guns using number keys. Use these by going up to the gun and
pressing "E."
-Type IXB submarine has 22 torpedoes, 4 bow tubes with 3 reloads (16 total) and 2 stern tubes with 2 reloads (6 total).
-Type XIV submarine has no torpedoes, extra AAA (3x20mm), can resupply and repair submarines and torpedo boats.

By: RussianComrade
Teams: USA vs. Japan
Theater: Pacific
Location: Unknown
Date: 1944
Theme: Island
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Island Jungle

Background: A fictional Pacific map with 2 large islands. Teams start off on opposite islands and must fight their way across.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: USA vs. Japan
Theater: Pacific
Location: off the Solomon Islands
Date: Mid 1943
Theme: Sea
Gameplay: Conquest-Head on
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Islands and ocean
USA: Gato class fleet submarine, Liberty Ship, CONSOLIDATED PBY-5A CATALINA, B-25 MITCHELL WITH DEPTH CHARGES.
MIDGET SUBMARINE, Hatsuzuki class destroyers, Tsurumi class supply ships.

Background: The German U-Boat campaign against the Allies is by far the most well-known submarine war of the Second World War, however, the United State's
Navy's submarine campaign against Japan was far more effective. American Gato and Balao class submarines sank thousands of Japanese ships and over 200
warships. On the Axis side, the Japanese fielded some of the most innovative submarine designs of the war, including midget submarines and submarines that
carried aircraft. However, Japanese tactics focused onsingle sub patrols targeting enemy warships rather than shipping.

This map is a fight for the Solomon Islands shipping lanes. There are 3 control points. Both sides have submarines and anti-submarine aircraft. The Americans
have more submarines but their single supply ship is vulnerable. The Japanese have several supply ships and 2 destroyers.

Changes to Submarines:
-American Gato class Can no longer view Arty cameras with deck gun.
-Japanese B1 and C1 class submarines can view Arty cameras.
-Submarines have 3 weapons slots: 1=Captain, pilots sub and fires torpedoes, 2=Deck gunner, 3=AA gunner.
-Deck gunners and AA gunners will drown when the submarine dives. To avoid drowning, climb inside the submarine by pressing the "4" or "5" keys. (Special
thanks to Captain_Henry at the FH forums for suggesting this).
-Submarines have 2 machine guns mounted on the conning tower. You can't switch to these guns using number keys. Use these by going up to the gun and
pressing "E."
-Japanese Type B1 submarine has 1x5inch deck gun and 1x dual 25mm AA gun.
-Japanese Type B1 submarine has 18 torpedoes, 6 bow tubes with 2 reloads. No stern tubes.
-Japanese Type B1 submarine carries 1 Yokosuka E14Y floatplane, launched from a catapult on the bow.
-Japanese Type B1 submarine can repair and resupply E14Y floatplane.
-E14Y floatplane carries pilot and tail gunner, 2 small bombs, can scout for artillery.
-To launch the E14Y, first start the engine until it is running full throttle, and then press and hold the alternate fire button. This will catapult your
plane into the air. The E14Y is slow, has a weak engine and is launched at an angle, so you must launch full throttle otherwise you will stall and dive into
the ocean.
-Japanese Type C1 submarine has 1x5inch deck gun and 1x dual 25mm AA gun.
-Japanese Type C1 submarine has 24 torpedoes, 2 sets of 4 bow tubes with 3 reloads each. No stern tubes. The 2 sets of 4 bow tubes are controlled by fire
and alt fire.
-Japanese Type C1 submarine carries 1 Ko-Hyoteki Type A class midget submarine.
-Japanese Type C1 submarine can re-supply the Ko-Hyoteki.
-Ko-Hyoteki Type A class midget submarine carries 1 crew, is armed with 2 torpedoes in 2 tubes (controlled by fire and alt fire) with no reloads.
-Ko-Hyoteki class is faster than any full-sized submarine, can stay submerged for longer.
-To use the Ko-Hyoteki, you must enter it while the mother sub is surfaced. To leave the mother sub, you must push a directional key, like when using a
landing craft. This will only work when the host sub is at least partially submerged, so launching the midget sub requires 2 people to work together.
-All Japanese submarines have a shallower dive depth than their American and German counterparts.
-American Gato class submarine has 1 3inch deck gun and 1x40mm Bofors AA gun.
-American Gato class submarine 24 torpedoes, 6 bow tubes with 1 reload and 4 stern tubes with 3 reloads.
-American Gato class can dive deeper than any Japanese or German submarine.
-Fixed Gato damage system, hull textures and railing rendering bug.
-B5N2 Kate is antisubmarine variant with radar and depth charges. Using the radar to search for surface targets requires the pilot to fly low over the ocean.

By: Xacto
Teams: USA vs. Germany
Theater: Western Europe
Location: Western Germany
Date: Spring 1945
Theme: Tanks
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Hilly

Background: This map takes place during the US advance into the Rhineland region in 1945. The American forces are driving towards Koblenz and the German
defenders are attempting to check their advance.

By: RussianComrade & Toucinator
Teams: Britain vs. Italy
Theater: North Africa
Location: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Theme: Infantry/light tank
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Desert/Urban

Background: A fictional battle over a small North African town. This is an infantry map with some light tanks in support.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: USA vs. Japan
Theater: Pacific
Location: Northern Solomons
Date: Fall 1943
Theme: Air
Gameplay: Conquest-Double Objective (both sides attack and defend)
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Islands and ocean
USA: 6 Vought F4U Corsair, 2 P-38 Lightning, 2 North American B-25J Mitchell, 1 NORTH AMERICAN B-25G MITCHELL (WITH 75MM CANNON).
Japan: 3 Mitsubishi G4M "Betty", 6 Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen, 1 Mitsubishi A6M2-N "Rufe", 2 KAWASAKI KI-45 TORYU.
Allied Objectives: Destroy 2 Japanese hangars, 1 Japanese radar, 2 Japanese cargo ships.
Axis Objectives: Destroy 1 American radar, 3 American quonset huts, 2 American moored PBY Catalinas, 2 American cargo ships.

Background: All throughout 1943, a relatively unknown air war was raging over the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. US Marine Corps and Army pilots flew
bombing raids against Japanese shipping and bases at Bogainville and Rabaul, and Imperial Japanese Navy and Army planes responded with bombing raids against
Allied instalations and shipping. Wild dogfights between dozens of enemy fighters were common. The pilots sometimes even knew the opposing side's radio
frequencies and would sometimes taunt each other over the airwaves. Many pilots on both sides became aces. One of the most famous Allied squadrons was the
US Marine Corps Squadron VMF-214, known as the "Black Sheep." Commanded by the flambouyant Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, over a period of 5 months from
August 1943 to January 1944 the Black Sheep shot down 204 Japanese aircraft, produced 8 aces (including Boyington who had 26 career victories before being
shot down and captured) and sank several Japanese ships. Richard Bong, the highest scoring US ace of World War 2, scored many of his 40 victories flying
his P-38 over the Solomons and New Guinea. On the Japanese side, the Tainan Air Group contained the highest scoring Japanese aces of the war. Petty Officer
Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, the highest scoring Japanese ace, had 87 victories before being killed in 1944.

This map is an objective based map. Both sides must destroy the other side's airfield facilities, radar and 2 supply ships docked in port. Allied
coastwatchers have situated life rafts and supplies on certain islands to aid downed pilots.

-The B-25G is armed with a 75mm cannon as well as 8 forwards-firing machine guns. The pilot can fire the cannon by pressing alt-fire. The cannon carries 21
rounds. No bombs are carried by the B-25G.
-Removed bombs from F4U Corsair. It's a pure fighter on this map.
-Removed rockets from P-38 Lightning and moved 20mm cannon to the secondary fire position.
-Removed artillery spotter fro A6M2-N Rufe, moved 20mm cannon to the secondary fire position.
-Reduced B-25 bombload to 6.
-Japanese Ki-45 KAId twin engine fighter has pilot, tail gunner, is armed with 2 20mm cannon and 1 37mm cannon.

By: Megaraptor
Teams: Britain vs. Germany
Theater: Western Europe
Location: Villers-Bocage, Normandy, France
Date: June 13, 1944
Theme: Tanks
Gameplay: Conquest-Assault (Germans attack)
Modes: Conquest, Co-op, SP
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Bocage/urban
Britain: Cromwell tanks, Bren carrier APCs, Sherman Firefly tanks, Sexton SP artillery, 6 pounder antitank guns,
Germany: Tiger tanks, Panzer IVG tanks, Wespe SP artillery, Sdkfz 222 armored scout cars

Background: A major objective for the Britsh Army after the D-Day landings was the city of Caen. The British began advancing towards Caen shortly after the
initial landings. Outside the town of Villers-Bocage, Waffen-SS Captain Michael Wittman spotted a column of British armor. Rather than reveal his position
by calling for reinforcements over the radio, Wittman led his unit of Tiger tanks straight into the British despite being outnumbered ten to one. Wittman's
Tiger crashed into the British armored column, driving along the length of the column blasting tanks and personnel carriers at close range. Wittman's Tiger
rolled all the way into the town of Villers-Bocage before it was stopped by being blasted with a six-pounder antitank gun. Wittman and his crew escapted the
wreckage and survived. All in all, the German force had destroyed 30 tanks for a loss of 11 of their own, and halted the British advance on Caen.

This map is a close-quarters armored battle map. Fighting starts amongst the hedgerows and sunken lanes and moves into the town as the Germans advance.

By: Civius
Teams: Finland vs. Russia
Theater: Eastern Front
Location: Vuoksi River
Date: 1944
Theme: Infantry/Tanks
Gameplay: Conquest-Assault
Modes: Conquest
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Forested

Background: During the Russian offensive against Finland in 1944, the Vuoksi River line was a major Finnish defensive line. Although outnumbered,
the Finns won several major victories against the Russian military, ensuring that Finland retained independence in a negotiated peace treaty.

By: Natty Wallo
Teams: USA vs. Germany
Theater: Western Europe
Location: Siegfried Line
Date: 1944
Theme: Infantry
Gameplay: Conquest-Head On
Modes: Conquest
Visibility: Clear
Terrain: Forested

Background: This map takes place on the Belgian/German border in november 1944. The Allies are making a push against the German defences along the
Siegfried Line. The Allies objective is to destroy the German artillery and finally take the Schmidt base. This is a Head-On map, the Allies can win
by capturing all ControlPoints. The U.S. lost this fight in WW2, but in this map, as the first snow fall on Heurtgen Forest, they will get another chance. But
in the heat of battle, not all soldiers can be heroes... ::: Based on the movie 'When Trumpets Fade'.

-The wooden bridge east of the fox holes can be destroyed, it respawns as long as the allies have control over
the American fox-holes.

Version: RAR FILE
Filesize: 271.80 MB
Added on: Dec-17-2007
Downloads: 3784


fh_fanmappack_v_1.rar  Popular  Recommend  

Fanmappack No 1

included maps:
- Battle for Korsun
- Giza
- Kaukasus 1942
- Nancy
- Norway
- Operation Bagration
- Operation Chariot
- Operation Crusader
- Wernheim 1944

Version: 1
Filesize: 243.05 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2009
Downloads: 1097


fh_fanmappack_v_4.rar  Popular  Recommend  

Version: 4
Filesize: 1002.83 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2009
Downloads: 834


fh_fanmappack_v_5.rar  Popular  Recommend  

Version: 5
Filesize: 2048.00 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2009
Downloads: 937


fh_fanmappack_v_6.rar  Popular  Recommend  

Fanmappack No 6

- A Day of Zitadelle
- Cretan Village
- Fall Gelb - 1940
- Kiew
Nuenen 1944
- Operation Lilliput
Road to Ramelle
- Soletschnogorsk - 1941
- Spurning Fate - 1945
- Stashuv Area


FH Custom Fan Mappack 6

Tulagi Island - Readme 

Tulagi Island takes place in 1942 and, although the landings on Guadalcanal took the bulk of the ships and Marines of the Operation "Watchtower" invasion force, the assault on the small Japanese-held islands to the north produced by far the heaviest fighting. Tulagi--site of the British Solomon Islands' pre-war colonial center--and the nearby Tanambogo-Gavutu seaplane base were garrisoned by tough Japanese Special Naval Landing Force troops. There was to be no easy win for the American GIs. Tulagi was made by Real-BadSeed.

Stashuv Area-1944 - Readme 

Stashuv Area-1944, has never before been released in an official Mappack. This map takes place in the vicinity of Staszow, Poland, where the first King Tigers in service on the Eastern front saw action! Heavy armor battles took place between 11th and 13th of August 1944 involvingGermany´s Schwere Panzerabteilung 502 and several Soviet tank battalions. In August, the retreating German forces were dug-in on theborder between Poland and Belorussia in an attempt to delay the advancing Red Army. If they could hold their ground for long enough the German defenders expected to be reinforced by men and tanks of the SchwerePzAbt.502, which would enable them to launch a counter-attack. This is a push map - capture the flags in their numbered order, it takes 2 men to capture every flag.Stashuv Area-1944 was made by former fan mapper, and now FH developer Lili Marlene .

Nuenen-1944 - Readme 

Nuenen-1944, was a selection from the the last Mappack that has been refined for FH 0.7. To give you a little background on the map: Nuenen was the scene of one of the many actions that made up Operation Market Garden. Late in the afternoon of September 20th the British 44th Royal Tank Regiment, backed up by American paratroopers of the 101st airborne division attacked the town Nuenen, in pursuit of retreating Geman forces. Unknown to the Allies, the defending German 107th panzerbrigade had just been reinforced, resulting in heavy fighting.Nuenen-1944 was made by mArs.

Kiew - Readme 

Kiew, has never before been released in an official Mappack. This is a semi-fictional map that takes place during the huge 1941 operation that resulted in the capture of Kiev and the largest encirclemant of Soviet troops during the war. While German and Soviet troops are battling around the city of Kiev, German Fallschirmjägers drop behind Russian lines into an industrial district, to seize valuable assets before Soviet authorities can either remove or destroy them. Their mission is to secure the area ahead of the advancing ground troops, and the Red Army must do everything to stop them. Kiew is a mainly infantry map, and was made by former fan mapper, and now FH developer Lili Marlene .

Todtenbruch - Readme 

After suffering heavy casualties, following the 1944 Allied landings in Normandy, German forces had to retreat. In order to prevent Allied forces from entering German soil, they fell back to the fortified positions of the Westwall. On September 20th, the advancing American forces made contact with the German defensive line at the north western edge of Todtenbruch (Deadman's Moor). Todtenbruch, which was made by Knoffhoff is push map which features some special items like a camo helmet skin and an all new German egg grenade, modeled by Arisaka and skinned by Mr.Cheese.

Cretan Village - Readme 

You may remember Cretan Village from the last release of the Fan Mappack. The fighting takes place in the summer of 1941. Northern Crete has fallen to an airborne assault by German Fallschirmjäger and Gebirgsjäger. Only pockets of resistance by British, Australian and New Zealand troops remain in the coastal villages on the south of the island. Fallschirmjäger are being parachuted in to mop up this Allied resistance, they must clear the island village by village while the defenders must hold every inch of ground to prevent the loss of this vital Mediterranean island. This map was created by Mr_Cheese and includes the German egg grenade modelled by Arisaka and coded by Knoffhoff and the smoke grenades by SirFluffy, [FtN]_Toddel, Mr_Cheese, code and concept by Purity, sound tweaking by GeRmAn~BRATWURST.

Attack on Carentan - Readme 

The Attack on Carentan-1944, has never before been released in an official Map pack. American paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division received orders to take Carentan because of its strategic location where the main roads from Omaha and Utah beaches converge. The town was defended by the German 6th Fallschirmjäger regiment under command of Colonel von der Heydte. Besides having tough defenders, the town was also protected by the waters of the Douve River. Before the invasion the Germans opened the locks at a bridge in La Barquette making the river flood the wetlands around the town. Causeway N13, the locks and the shallow marshlands were the only possible ways to reach the town for the 101st. This map was made by pvt. Allen.

Fall Gelb - Readme 

General Erich von Manstein was the initiator of the Fall Gelb plan (Case Yellow). His aggressive plan was to break through the Allied center with the advantage of surprise, and speed, trap the forces to the north in a pocket, and head on to Paris. To ensure this, the German Army Group B got the order to attack through the Ardennes, to the south of the main Allied strength and close the trap. Fall Gelb features infantry armored and air combat, and was made by Jam and tweaked by Real-BadSeed.

Road to Ramelle - Readme 

Located on the banks of the Merderet River, The town of Ramelle, a fictional location you may remember from the movie Saving Private Ryan, is an important target for both Allied and German soldiers following the Allied landings at Utah and Omaha beaches on June 6th, 1944. The Germans need control of the village and its bridge to move armor up the Cotentin peninsula. in order to defend the port of Cherbourg, while the Allies need to prevent them. Road to Ramelle is an urban push map-mainly for infantry but with small quantities of Allied and German Armor, as well as the occasional air strike. This map was created by Bizness, and includes soldier skins by Hanley

Operation Lilliput - Readme 

Operation Lilliput, has never before been released in an official Mappack. In this 1942 battle, Australian forces engaged the Japanese at the coastal village of Buna in New Guinea at the eastern end of the Kokoda trail. Although allied intelligence predicted small numbers of unprepared defenders, the allied attackers encountered a large force of well-fortified Japanese. This map was made by Real Bad-Seed, and also includes special Australian soldier skins made by Hanley. Operation Lilliput is a push map pitting Australian light armored forces against heavily fortified Japanese troops, in a swampy landscape, broken up by many streams and rivers.

Soletschnogorsk - Readme 

Soletschnogorsk takes place in November 1941, when elements of the German 2nd Panzer Division attacked the town of Soletschnogorsk, about 50km outside of Moscow. Soletschnogorsk is an objective-based map--your goals will be to destroy (or prevent the enemy from doing so) all Russian objectives (which are a radar hut, one T34 and three KV-1s) and capture (or to prevent the enemy from doing so) all control points on this special push map. Soletschnogorsk was made by former fanmapper Lili Marlene, who was assisted by Camel Nele, who helped the objective-mode coding, Knoffhoff, who added the random helmet code and various stuff. Smoke grenades by SirFluffy, [FtN]_Toddel, Mr_Cheese, code and concept by Purity, sound tweaking by GeRmAn~BRATWURST. Like our other fan maps this week, it features a special Wehrmacht skin by Hanley.

A Day of Zitadelle - Readme 

A Day of Zitadelle, was created by Battlegroup 2 developer Benseras. As a special bonus, this map comes its own SU-152, which provided the Red Army with the badly needed punch to deal with the heavy new German armor which saw action at Kursk. The model and skin were originally created by the Operation Anubis mod team and later donated to the Battlegroup 42 mod. The SU-152 was exported by BG42 leader Panzaman and then code tweaked by FH's ctz and FH beta tester Knoffhoff for greater FH compatibility. The Forgotten Hope developer team would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in the creation of this vehicle, especially the Battlegroup 42 team for their generosity in allowing Benseras to use their model in a Forgotten Hope fan map.

Special mention should also be made ofa nice atmospheric goody for the map-- the bees modelled, skinned and coded by Golem_Moja, who is also the creator of many useful modding tools.

Operation Zitadelle, the code name for the German plan that led to the battle more commonly known today as the Battle of Kursk, was a huge tank battle on the Eastern Front, in mid 1943. This map features the intense tank, large scale armored combat suitable to a map representing part of the largest armored engagement of all time, with more than 2700 tanks and assault guns alone on the German side. In addition to Benseras's work, as well as all the others mentioned earlier, the map was given a final tweaking by Real-BadSeed.

A Spurning Fate - Readme 

Spurning Fate, has never before been released in an official Mappack. It takes place in eastern Germany, April 1945. At this time Allied air superiority made large tank movements during daylight almost impossible for the Wehrmacht. The only reliable way to avoid enemy air power was to fight and move at night. Spurning Fate is a paranoia-inducing game of heavily armed cat and mouse.

Making a virtue of necessity, Axis scientists developed the "Vampir" IR-technology to give their troops an edge in darkness. Starting in late 1944, special units for night fighting entered the field consisting of five PzKpfw V "Panther" Ausf. G, equipped with "Vampir" rigs, as well as one SdKfz 251/20 "Uhu"(on the right) and one escorting SdKfz 251/1 "Falke" (at left)manned with infantry using the Sturmgewehr 44 with an infrared telescopic sight. Although the technology was ready for mass production only a few were employed as the war was close to an end.

Before the history watchdogs start to bark please not that a little historical license was taken, as the team involved in producing Spurning Fate's night-fighting Panthers wished to include both the earlier "Solution A" version of the Vampir technology(at left) as well as the later "Solution B" version(on the right)."Solution B" did not fit well onto the FH Panther G without extensive modification(this version of the Panther G lacked a drivers viewporthatch), so the Panther A was conscripted to fill the gap.

To show you how the IR works in Spurning Fate we have 3 ingame shots for you demonstrating the effect. You can have a look at the map screenshots below them for comparison. On top are the Panther's gunsight, on the bottom left the MG34 and MG42, sight, and last but not least on the right is that of the StG 44.

Sir Fluffy modelled the nightfighting euipment, which was skinned by Lobo and the final coding was done byKnoffhoff and CamelNele, member of the Norwegian Resistance minimod. Furthermore the beautiful new skin for the SdKfz 251/20 "Uhu" and SdKfz 251/1 "Falke" was made by Mr. Cheese, the new uniforms are from Hanley and the map itself as well as the concept is by Lili Marlene.

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