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Relik - Sat Mar 14, 2020 6:32 pm
Post subject: Saturday 14 March 2019 EVENT
Operation Corona

This article is about a 1943 Royal Air Force operation. For the 1942 Polish resistance operation, see Operation Wieniec.
WAAF Operation Corona Radio Operators

Operation Corona was a Royal Air Force (RAF) initiative to confuse German nightfighters during RAF bomber raids on German cities during World War II.[1] Both native speakers and people who could speak German to a standard where they could be taken for a native speaker impersonated German Air Defence officers. They initiated communications via radio with German nightfighter pilots and countermanded previously given orders, thus reducing the efficiency of German air defence.

The operation was launched during a bombing raid on the German industrial center of Kassel on the night of 22 October to 23 October 1943.

Operation Corona was made possible because before the war many people, mostly Jews, fled Nazi Germany to England. These people were very valuable to RAF Bomber Command, since between them they natively spoke any German accent and hence were capable of countermanding the orders given from the senior German officers in the Air Defence headquarters, and so could redirect the nightfighters to other targets or give them orders to land immediately at an airbase.

When confronted with Corona personnel countermanding genuine German orders the Luftwaffe responded by replacing male fighter controllers with females. The British kept up the operation by using German-speaking Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel.

When: Today 14 March 2019

What: Bombing the Reich & Operation Big Week

Prize: First Place Gold Medal gets the Pixel-Fighter Victoria Cross Forum Medal

Special thanks to Grabbi and Kampfsau for their continued support of this server, keeping the spirit of WW2 Gaming, BF1942 map-making, and community friendship alive. cheers

Seeya in the skies, gamer-pilots!!!

Note about Forum Medals: Gold medal as recorded by final game screen and the FH-1 rankings, need a valid PFC forum account to get PFC forum medals. Danke

Medal Map was played on Saturday!! Merci pilots

the ranking

Top scores were:
1 CaNnIBaL 15
2 Dax 14
3 Besomar 11

Congratulations, PFC Forum Victoria Cross goes to Cannibal

This was really a great round, I will if possible try to another Operation Corona Event next Saturday, so everyone an have another chance at the medal.
Relik - Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:22 pm
Post subject:
Operation Corona 2

March 21 2020

Map - Operation Big Week

1 old man 14
2 T CaNnIBaL 13
3 Buck 10

Congratulations, PFC Forum Victoria Cross for this one goes to OLD MAN!!!

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