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Pixel-Fighter Community :: View topic - Server Shedule ideas

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Server Shedule ideas

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Author Message
2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant

Age: 29
Joined: May 15, 2018
Posts: 57
Location: Austria

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:51 am    Post subject: Server Shedule ideas Reply with quote Scroll Down to Next postGo to last Post of Page

Hello folks,

i want this discussion open for everyone because i want to know what people like. Smile

I had an idea: (look to play.pixel-fighter front page NEW server shedule, scroll down for it)

I created 3 different types of Gameplay Days for our server shedule. We have allready 4 days planned for custom maps, fanmappacks and the friday Fh map only day. I want to leave that like it was

------------------------------------------------------------- ----
For the other days i got this:

monday: special occasion day

This is a day maps will set for a special occasion. I created 8 occasion so every 8 weeks a special occasion day will appear again. Which occasion i created you can see front page. scroll down to "server shedule"

If you have an idea what occasion it could be leave a comment! We dont habe to use them, the 8 ones are only ideas! Idea good or not? tell me!

wednesday: war theatre day

On this day maps will set compared to thier location on war theatre. I created 4: pacific, eastern front, western front and african + mediterranean. So once a month maps only located in the pacific area will be played on a wednesday
for exmaple. Tell me what you think. Good or not good idea? Again, you can can have a view to it on front gape of new website.

thursday: Voted maps Day

I did not finishes pics for that but i created Vote allready. You remember? Voting for your favorite standard map? Yes. So the Votes will be important because we also use it to set the maps you like! The vote will be respected every day
but an admin don't have to set only voted maps. We want to play all maps we have BUT: I had the idea to create a special "Voted maps day". That means on this day we play only the best voted maps PLAYERS voted for it! Like the
10 best voted maps. And again i created 4 different days here:

best 10 Fh Standard maps day, best 10 custom maps day, best 10 fanmaps day and 10 best ALL MAPS day.

The vote for that maps will happen every 2 months. If the Vote is finished (next finished 11.11.2019) you can vote again 2 months for your favorite fh standard maps.

........................................................... ...............................

Other issues:

I added a big digital clock at the end of front page: BERLIN TIME

You will never ask yourself again what time it is in berlin because you see it right there in big capital letters! Laughing

Why i added this? I try to bring people to the server at the same time. The advantage is to populate fast without much waiting. The shedule is important for new player who dont know when there is action on server or is there action at all?!
I also added the sentence: "Don't be shy to join server earlier!" and the word "mostly 6 pm" because 6 pm is not the time WE HAVE TO. Its just an hint to all who wants answers what will happen on the server and at which time.


Our Event master relik is responsible for all event days. So i am rellay interested in his oppinion to my ideas. The occasion, war theatre and voted maps days ARE NOT events. So we dont advertise this because its regular days.
But if relik is creating event i can put a special pic which is looking different to all other inside server shedule. SO WE CAN ADD EVENT there and it has the best visbility because it differs from all the other days.

And of course we will put event media also here at startpage and inside article (event section) at new website like before.

If you like my ideas i would be happy to get feedback from you. Feel free to say thats big shit idea or thats really good. The server shedule i created at website is not reference and not valid now! Its just for you to get an impression how it could be
Sure we can leave it also like it is. But i want to integrate all oppinion.

addition for all admins: Setting right maps on special occasion day and the two other days will be easy for you. Every day will get a list with all maps linked to the special days. I will put these lists inside the article (click on date at the pics at server sehdule and you will see article of every single day) Also inside this article more information can be added, like description, starting time and so on.

How to communicate between admins outside the game (ingame we have teamspeak) and plan who will be on and so on i really want to discuss in admins area soon! Because with discord and the server shedule calender it could be possible to plan admins duty time in advance. Thats not an obligation because sometimes more important things get between but there are smart solution for fast and good communication.

Waving Goodbye

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Age: 56
Joined: Oct 17, 2011
Posts: 1667
Location: U.S.A / Pennsylvania

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Go to Top of PageScroll Up to Previous postScroll Down to Next postGo to last Post of Page

Sunday 9/29/19 I will be on around noon my time I will be working till then

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FH-1 Ranking Developement
FH-1 Ranking Developement

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Go to Top of PageScroll Up to Previous postScroll Down to Next postGo to last Post of Page

nice work !

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-=PFC=-Tournament Management
-=PFC=-Tournament Management

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Go to Top of PageScroll Up to Previous post

Having played now on two of these special occasion days, I am very impressed!

As event manager I approve of these days as "micro-events" with the name "Special Occasion Day" (including the other types but not the regular map pack days)

Special Occasion Days are approved as micro-events, and they are the same as when we have themed Custom map pack days like "Mediterranean" or "Northern Fights"

Other admins are not obligated to understand and run these micro-events, but please support CatchMe if he is running one of these specials. This is very powerful concept to help mid-week numbers and has had a good response. That said, if the players are requesting to be free the obligations of these specials (such as request another map), don't force the guidelines.

Thank you,


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