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Server Name: FH/RANKED

Round time left:
44 min:58 sec

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Map: falaise pocket-1944
Players 0 of 128

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Pixel-Fighter Community
BF1942 Master Server List

{CC} Bouteillefield Guadalkanet check BF Tracks for server statsServer is on replacement Master Server from
Master Server IP:

{CC} Le Chemin Des Dames
IP: : 14567

Game (version):  bf1918

: aube de soiree
Password:  no
MaxPlayers:  48
Players:  0
Gametype:  coop
Mod:  bf1918  
Round Time:  29
round time left:  22:16 (min:sec)
Interactive Infos:
Website :
Ticket Ratio:  700%
Number of Rounds:  1
Ping from WebServer:  34 ms
Average Ping:  0 ms  



allied   axis
server is empty.

Additional info:
averageFPS  0 axis team ratio  3
content check  0 bandwidth choke limit  0
dedicated  2 content check  0
gameId  bf1918 cpu  3101
gamemode  openplaying external view  on
gametype  coop free camera  off
hostname  {CC} Le Chemin Des Dames game start delay  10s
hostport  14567 hit indicator  on
mapId  bf1918 kickback  25%
mapname  aube de soiree kickback on splash  25%
maxplayers  48 name tag distance  300
numplayers  0 name tag distance scope  500
password  0 number of rounds  1
reservedslots  0 soldier friendly fire  100%
roundTime  1740 soldier friendly fire on splash  100%
roundTimeRemain  1336 spawn delay  4s
status  4 spawn wave time  6s
sv punkbuster  0 sv punkbuster  0
tickets1  2082 ticket ratio  700%
tickets2  1924 time limit  29
unpure mods  bf1918, eod tk mode  punish
version  v1.61 unpure mods  bf1918, eod
active mods  bf1918 vehicle friendly fire  100%
allied team ratio  2 vehicle friendly fire on splash  100%
allow nose cam  yes final  
auto balance teams  off queryid  184.1
Logos: (1)
Server Checker retries:
[too short query (21 bytes) (qr2)] [GS query protocol: qr1]
PFC-Crew programmings for ForgottenHope 1 -
Select your skin please:
Mini Signature

Your Signature for the {CC} Le Chemin Des Dames server with compliments of the chief of staff :

The following signature codes are for different foren systems:

This is a BB Code (linked to the FH 1 Toolbox to join the {CC} Le Chemin Des Dames server):

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This is a BB Code for the {CC} Le Chemin Des Dames server(WITHOUT direct join link for Toolbox):

This is a phpBB HTML Code for the {CC} Le Chemin Des Dames server(WITHOUT direct join link for Toolbox):


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